Tales From the Druid’s Journal


(Photograph credits go to: https://doriccolumns.wordpress.com/pre-history-beyond/stone-circles/  )

Welcome to the adventures of Fenella MacHugh. This page will be dedicated to sideline stories, shorts and teasers, among other things pertaining to my four-part series Tales From The Druid’s Journals.

Raid on Anglesey {Alexander Brodie} -      The youngsters in my care huddled together in fear as the Roman soldiers stormed the beaches of the Isle of Anglesey. We had been in a rousing session of spell work when word reached us of their landing. Their intent was clear, annihilation. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t gripped with … Continue reading Raid on Anglesey {Alexander Brodie}
Moving Day {Alexander Brodie} -       Waking as the dawn crept into my window, I stretched and greeted the day. “Morning Gaia,” I said as my feet touched the cold, hard floor. A warmth filled me despite the chill in the air as Gaia communed with me. I made up my bed and took out a clean linen shirt from … Continue reading Moving Day {Alexander Brodie}
The Weaver -   The weaver sits in the middle of the circle of stone, the full moon beaming down on her, feeding her its power. Her task never-ending, to weave and mind, cut and start anew. Where one life ends, another begins. Does this life deserve another chance or should it end here forever? The interlocking weft … Continue reading The Weaver