Moon Chronicals: Tales of a Titan


Zeus the King of the Olympians has decided the Olympians need to reconnect with the mortals. He asked the Primordials and Titans that had fought with the Olympians to join them. These are the stories as my time as a scribe for the Titan of the moon, Selene.

You can find theses stories and more from the Pantheon at In The Pantheon

Titans Rising: Moving Moutains Part 2 - The ordeal with Ananke, the Primordial of Misery was physically over, yet my despair was nowhere near finished. I was the canvas upon which she left her mark: quite the artist, considering my emotional bleeding scars. She broke me from within. How was I ever to get over something like that? Add the fact that … Continue reading Titans Rising: Moving Moutains Part 2
Titans Rising: Moving Mountain Part 1 - Artemis.” I touched her arm enough to stop her ascent but not to alarm her, “Talk to me. Are you ok?” “Uh, yeah, I will be. I’m just going to check on Dad. Have you been up?” Her tone was unsteady and I knew the state of Zeus was wearing on her, but this seemed … Continue reading Titans Rising: Moving Mountain Part 1
Titans Rising: Paris – After Effects -   Ate smoked out of my office, and I turned to Eos. “Why did you stop me?” I yelled.  “Because if you had done what I saw in your head, we wouldn’t have heard all she had to say.” I walked back to the bar, grabbing Eos’ glass on the way, and set them down … Continue reading Titans Rising: Paris – After Effects
Titans Rising: Enemy of my Enemy {guest author} -   Guest author Amber Albright Trying to find a Titan is harder than it seems; that’s for damn sure. After hitting up the few offices that I knew about, I eventually found her in Paris. Shit, how many locations does one need? Sighing, I walked to the large building that held the little moon Titan … Continue reading Titans Rising: Enemy of my Enemy {guest author}
Titans Rising: Paris – Eos -   I threw open the door from my Paris office, which scared the shit out of Cherie. “Oh mes dieux, comment êtes-vous arrivé ici.” “How did I get here? I’m a Titan, remember, Cherie? I can go anywhere I want,” I said in a sharper tone than she deserved. She looked at me like she … Continue reading Titans Rising: Paris – Eos
Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 2 -   Dawn came before I got anywhere with the mortal responsible for Endy’s disappearance. I emerged from the backroom, wiping my hands with a cloth before ascending the service staircase to my room. I showered and dressed in silence, trying to wash away the last few hours. I wiped the fog off the mirror and … Continue reading Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 2
Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 1 -   Val burst into my office yelling, “Selene, Selene! Oh my gods! SELENE!” I was in an important meeting with several record company executives, and she knew I was not to be disturbed. Worried, I stood up. “Val? What’s wrong? Ladies, gentlemen, please excuse me.” I walked around the table to face Val. “What’s so … Continue reading Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 1
Titans Rising -   Let’s have a little history lesson, shall we? The Wars between the Titans and Olympians (credit and link to history here) The Titanomachy is a series of wars in Greek mythology. These wars took place in Thessaly, and were also called the War of the Titans, the Battle of the TITANS, the Battle of the Gods … Continue reading Titans Rising
A Star Is Born -   I climbed into my personal jet and popped my head into the cockpit. “Hey-ya, Hal. Are we ready?” “Ready when you are, my lady,” he said with a wink. Hal and I go way back. He is the second mortal I told my secret to and is a kind and gentle soul. He’s a … Continue reading A Star Is Born
A Day in the Life -   I pull up to the mansion and security waves me through, recognizing my silver Mercedes. I drive to the front of the house and the doorman, dressed in a plain black suit, earpiece and dark shades, opens the door for me. I roll my eyes. How cheesy and predictable can you get? I thought. I walk … Continue reading A Day in the Life