High Tide

The waves of high tide crashed in front of me. Droplets of the salty surf peppered my face and arms. The setting sun warmed my skin as the breeze whipped through my hair. I opened my eyes to the beautiful rouge, rosewood, peach and magenta that surrounded me. The birds called over head in search of their next meal. My thoughts ebbed and flowed with the rolling surf, my breaths long and cleansing. In the distance the sounds of children giggling as they played on the beach brought me back to the here and now. I uncrossed my legs and spun around in place so my feet dangled off the other side of the bolder I was sitting on. I grabbed my large mesh bag and hopped off the rock, slipping my feet into my sandals I had left in the sand when I began. While I walked to my car I dug in the bottom of my bag for my keys. Moments later I was at my car and my keys were found. I pressed the button on the fob and unlocked my car. I opened the driver door and threw my bag in before I sat down behind the wheel. I took another deep breath before turning the key. “Until next week, my love.” My weekly visit with the Prince of Tides was over and life would go on… until next week.

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