The Fairy Dance


Giggles echoed through the trees. The wind blows through the tunnel carrying fallen leaves with it. Shivers run down your spine as you no longer feel alone. Where were the giggles coming from? There was no one there. You spin around to see if someone is over the ridge and again, find no one. You decided to accept the fact that you are not alone. You speak into the air, “Thank you for allowing me to hear you.” With soft steps, you make your way through the tunneling trees. You think you see movement above you at the root level but it is too fast, or too small, to be seen. The giggles are in front of you now. You stop again but this time, you kneel. “I mean you no harm.” You say, then bow your head, but not your eyes. This time you are prepared. They are beginning to trust you as well and move slower. You catch a glimpse of a flutter. Are your eyes deceiving you? They are too small to be children. Very slowly you raise your head to the level of your eyes. Standing, no, floating in the middle of the road is five, 3-inch figures. They are out of focus, like a hummingbird, flying so fast you can’t see their wings or get your eyes to focus on them. They catch sight of you staring at them and are gone in the blink of an eye. The wind rustles the trees again and the moment has passed. The magic is gone and you rise, ever so slowly, wondering if you really saw something or are going insane. You shake your head and continue on your way, never to experience anything like it again.

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