Titans Rising: Moving Moutains Part 2

The ordeal with Ananke, the Primordial of Misery was physically over, yet my despair was nowhere near finished. I was the canvas upon which she left her mark: quite the artist, considering my emotional bleeding scars. She broke me from within. How was I ever to get over something like that? Add the fact that I had made no progress in my investigations into the mortal hunting club, I was feeling like an absolute failure.

I shook the thoughts from my head as I reached the GC building. I was here to visit Dad, who was slowly recovering from his tryst with a particular poet.

Was this the beginning of another Titanomachy?  I shuddered, remembering the ten-year war.

The sound of the elevator bell jolted me as the elevator doors opened, I stood staring at it for a few minutes. I couldn’t muster the courage to step into the elevator. Every time I tried, the memories of falling, of the darkness and the abyss, flooded my mind. My pulse raced and my breathing quickened; I steadied myself against the wall.

Relax, just breathe. You are not in the abyss anymore.

I took a few deep breaths trying to calm myself.

Oh, forget it! I am taking the stairs! 

I was more comfortable climbing ninety floors than riding an elevator. It was not an easy feat; my mortal legs paid the price.

Dad was asleep when I walked into his room. Hera, my stepmother, was nowhere to be seen. I sat beside my dad, holding his hands for about an hour or so before I headed out for my meeting with Selene.

As planned, I stopped by Selene’s floor on my way out. She offered a sympathetic ear to my woes; her reaction to them, though, took me by surprise. For the first time in a few decades, I saw her dark side. We discussed the Titan, Ourea, and the mess he was causing in the woods of Olympus National Park. Just then, I heard a distress call from the animals as they fled from the woods. I reckoned it was Ourea who was terrorizing my wildlife; he knew I would come for them, making me an easy target. Selene offered to help me with the situation. We left the OA building together, she on her chariot, and I on Sayeh.

After Ananke, I was not only weak, but also apprehensive. I second-guessed everything I did. My once sharp reflexes now seemed less than perfect. My tracking skills were not helping me this time, and my judgment was clouded by fears.

Fears of failure, of letting down my family, of not being strong enough to fight a Titan!

Flying above the park, I witnessed the seething, living tsunami of terrified animals as they swarmed out towards the outskirts of the park. The source for their frenzy lay hidden in the thick woods. I flew along, tracking the movements of the animals, searching for Ourea. Sayeh was not far along when I heard from Selene’s steeds about Ourea’s location.

I reached the area where I expected to find Selene. Getting off Sayeh, I walked into the woods with my bow and arrow ready to strike.

“Selene,” I called out, looking for her glow. The drubbing beat of my pulse resonated in my ears. My heart began to race when I realized that I could not find her moonbeam and had also lost my telepathic connections with her steeds. The sound of my breathing was louder than the crunching of twigs and leaves under my feet. Something was off, and I feared the worst. I searched for a few more minutes before I heard groans coming from the branches above. I looked up, slowly, and gulped at the sight of Selene hanging upside down. Long thick vines coiled all around her body, tangled in with her hair, wrapping itself around her face and covering her mouth. I dropped my bow and pulled out my silver blade to cut the vines and free her. Selene twisted and turned, trying to send a beam of light. Her eyes widened as she tried to focus on something behind me. She groaned at her inability to do either. Sayeh was standing guard behind me, so I was not worried about Ourea taking me by surprise. Selene kept trying to tell me something. The more she twisted, the tighter the vines looped around her.

“Sel, I am going to get you out of this, I promise. Please, stop moving, it isn’t helping when you do that,” I pleaded.

She shook her head vigorously in response, causing the vines to tug at her hair and cover her entire face. I reached for the vines and cut across them, releasing it from her face and neck.

“Arty, behind you!” She screamed as soon as the vines were freed from her neck. I turned around, but it was too late. Ourea had used the time to conjure large quantities of stones and earth fashioning a hill, and he charged at us with it. Sayeh flapped her wings, pushing Selene and me out of Ourea’s path. The vines towed Selene to the other side, but not before she pulled out my broadsword from my quiver. Sayeh leaped to put herself between Ourea and me. Angry at having missed his target, the Titan hurled the hill at Sayeh.

“No!” I ran towards Sayeh as she fell. Grit and dirt enmeshed with her raw, scarred flesh. Blood splattered on the ground and ran in tiny scarlet streams from her body. She laid there whimpering for a while and then became silent. I listened for her heartbeat; it was dwindling. I must move the heavy stones and silt off her body if not, she would be crushed within minutes.

Using my terrakinetic powers, I pushed the rocks, sediments, and dirt off Sayeh, but she did not even flinch. Before I could tend to her wounds, Ourea came up behind me and pulled me off her. Selene, now free, was busy fighting the vines from wrapping around her again. Every time she cut them down, they came back longer and stronger.

I knew I was not physically in a position to fight a Titan like Ourea. He is the Titan of Mountains and possessed the strength of a thousand mountains put together. And, me? I was a mess, both physically and emotionally. If Selene and Sayeh weren’t here with me today, Ourea might have already destroyed me.

“Arty, these vines, they don’t stop growing!” Selene called out. Ourea laughed at our vulnerability.

“Did you two really think I came unprepared?” the Titan asked with a growl. “I have been waiting for this day for a millennium. Zeus’ precious little daughter! What is he willing to sacrifice for your life?” He dragged me through the woods.

I had multiple problems in front of me, and they all needed to be solved at once. Sayeh needed me, the vines had to be destroyed, the wildlife had to be contained before they caused a stampede, and above all was Ourea. I was, now, a mouse in a trap caught between opposing needs. Do I let go of the prize and save my life, or do I sacrifice everything for the prize?

My priorities at this point were clear. Sayeh, Selene, and my wildlife. Nothing else mattered.

Moxie! If I could only get through to her, she’d find a way to deal with those vines. Selene could escape with Sayeh while I distracted Ourea.

Where was Moxie when you needed her? I didn’t know who else to call for help in this situation.

Moxie, Moxie, Moxie! I pinged her again and again.

I turned to look at Selene, who was relentlessly fighting the vines. She was fighting my battle. My heart wept for Sayeh, who was struggling to breathe. I tried to send a healing spell her way, but Ourea flung me by my braids onto a large oakwood tree. I heard a few snaps as blinding pain fired through my ribs. At the same time, I saw short mirages and glimpses of my experience as though I was reliving it. I realized it was Moxie deciphering my messages to her.

She did hear my calls after all. 

Moxie…the vines! How do I stop these vines?” I relayed my thoughts to her, looking at Selene and the vines.

Ourea pulled me up by my feet, he hauled me onto his shoulders and started walking towards Selene.

“Arty…no! Get up!” Selene cried, unable to come to my aid. One wrong step and the vines would wrap around her again. She glared at Ourea with eyes rimmed red from angry, unshed tears.

Images of forest fires started popping into my mind. At first, I did not understand why I was seeing them, then I realized it was probably Moxie sending me ideas. But, a forest fire? There was no way in Tartarus that I would burn down my beloved park, even if it meant losing this battle. 

Moxie! I yelped. 

This time, she sent me an image of fire and another of Selene. Before I could decipher her meaning, Ourea threw me to the ground, pinning me down. It seemed he was waiting for someone to arrive.

In the back of my mind, I kept trying to decode Moxie’s messages. It was only when Selene cut the vines from their roots that I interpreted the meaning of those images.

The only way to stop the vines was to burn them out. But how?

My thoughts must’ve been transmitted to Sayeh, because I saw her feebly lift her head. She tried to breathe fire, but all that came out from her nostrils was a wisp of smoke. Ourea smirked at Sayeh’s efforts to breathe; however, he did not realize what she was attempting to do.

No, Sayeh! You’re too weak to do this, save your energy, I need you!

Sayeh and I looked at each other; her emerald green eyes twinkled for just a second before she turned to look at Selene, willing her to move. Selene read the situation and jumped away from the vines just as Sayeh raised her head. I saw a slight flicker of a blue flame before I heard the all too familiar rumble beginning from her belly. She growled, using every ounce of energy, sending large streaks of bluish golden flares at the vines.

Ourea screamed, running towards them, but they were incinerated within seconds. Before he could react, I conjured a herd of bison in his direction. Selene and I ducked under Sayeh’s wings as a herd of more than a hundred bison charged at the Titan in a stampede. They hauled him to the outskirts of the woods. Breaking free from the stampede, Ourea ran into the city.

I felt Sayeh’s pulse weakening until it was barely there. I knew I had to act quickly, else, I would lose her forever.

“Arty, Ourea…he’s fled,” Selene said, running after him, but I stopped her.

“We’ll get our turn, Moonbeam. Lose the battle now to win the war later!”


Author’s Link: Rashmi Menon

Artemis: In The Pantheon

Titans Rising: Moving Mountain Part 1

Artemis.” I touched her arm enough to stop her ascent but not to alarm her, “Talk to me. Are you ok?”

“Uh, yeah, I will be. I’m just going to check on Dad. Have you been up?” Her tone was unsteady and I knew the state of Zeus was wearing on her, but this seemed more than just worry.

“Artemis, look at me, sweet one. I know you. This is not just worry. We have been friends too long for you to just shrug me off.” I caught her eyes with mine and gave her a solid look of affirmation.

Nodding, she began. “I will be ok, moonbeam, it will just take time. I just came back from fighting Ananke, and she used my own memories against me. Plus Dad…I just have so much on my mind and heart right now.” She shook her head as if trying to get something out of her head. “And now, on top of everything, Ourea has been messing around in the Olympus Forest and my animals are in distress.” She looked back at the stairwell as her thoughts wandered back to Zeus.

Letting go of her arm, I replied, “Go, check on your dad. Then come back here and we’ll plan our attack on Ourea. Okay?”

Her gaze returned to mine as she ascended the stairs. “Our attack?”

“Absolutely. This is my home now, and you are in no condition to face him alone. Come back and let’s talk more, okay?” She nodded in response and headed back to the stairs. I watched her go up, favoring her abdomen, and wondered what she wasn’t telling me. A lump formed in my throat as I watched my friend leave, and I began to realize I felt something awaken in me I thought was beyond me at this point. I shook it off as all that had been happening and the length of time I had known the goddess.

I wasn’t sure how long she would be gone, and I didn’t want her to try to head out alone, so I went to the lobby and grabbed a couple of cups of coffee from Dark Sparks, one of the few places still open and relatively unscathed by Hera’s outburst. I looked around at the lobby and the team of mortals running to and fro, hard at work on the repairs for the home of the gods. One reason I loved these creatures was how hard most of them work. Day after day, they got up and put their best foot forward to do it all again. I thought about the mortals that harmed one another and felt the darkness rising in me, but then, in the back of mind there was a little light. Artemis. She worked so hard, like these people, to be a light for the mortals that had been so resilient against such abuse and hurt. Yes, Artemis would be ok, but she needed time to heal. The lump returned to my throat as I thought of her again. I’d better head back, I don’t want her to think I left her, not now.

I chose the stairs again, as the thought of the rickety elevator was unnerving. Plus I didn’t want to risk missing Artemis. Why was she using the stairs? I wondered and told myself to ask her when we spoke later. I arrived at my floor with burning calves and entered my lab. I shook my head as I walked in, taking in the carnage again. To the left of the stairwell and elevator was my office and the breakroom I had built for my employees. There had been several rows of lab tables with boxes of beakers and supplies, but they were now littered with debris and shattered glass. This was going to take a bit of cleaning, but it was not a total loss. I set the coffees down on my desk and found some cleaning supplies in the partially-stocked breakroom. I wiped down the desk and cleaned off my couch so we had somewhere to sit. I was just about to head to the breakroom when I heard the heavy stairwell door open. “In here,” I called so she knew where I was.

“Moonbeam?” she called.

Heat reached my cheeks at the sound of her voice and instinctively, I raised my hands to my face. Dropping them, I shook it off and answered her. “Yeah, Arty, first door to your left.” She pushed the door open as I continued, “I got you a coffee. I thought you could use one.”

She took the cup I had offered and sat on the arm of the sofa, keeping an arm across her middle. I took my cup and sat near the center of the couch before I got her attention. She was staring toward my desk, but I could tell she wasn’t really present. I slowly moved my hand to rest it on her knee in an attempt to bring her back, but not trigger her. Even at my slow and light touch, she jumped.

“Sorry, Sel, I…what were you saying?” She was looking at me now and my heart sank.

“How’s Z?”I asked softly.

Her face told more than her words and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Her normally olive complexion was placid and her once-bright eyes were grey and sunken.

“No change,” she said, distant.

I moved a little closer. “Talk to me Arty, please.”

Artemis took a sip of her coffee and got up from the sofa. Turning toward me, she started to speak urgently, almost as though she was waiting to pour out the emotions that she had kept locked. “What do you want to know, Sel? How Ananke threw me down the elevator shaft into my own subconscious? How I thought I was going to be stuck there with the Primordial of Misery for an eternity? Or how she made me relive each and every one of my most painful memories from my long, immortal life?”

She took a few quick steps away from me and started pacing up and down the length of the room. “Ananke brought to surface all that I had tucked away into the deepest darkest corners of my mind. She made me watch them unfold again and again until I thought I was never going to be able escape from that misery. I almost failed, Sel! I don’t know how or where I found the strength to fight her and bring us both out of my subconscious.”

I sat in awe as she told her account. The more she told me, the more my heart sank. I wanted to soothe her pain, take it away.

“Sel? Selene? Are you okay?” she asked with alarm in her voice.

“Huh? Yeah, just worried for you, why?”

“Look around. You’ve gone dark.”

I blinked and realized how dark the room was. Damnit, I never wanted her to see this side of me. “I…I’m sorry, I just got upset from your pain, is all. I’ll be okay.” With effort, I checked some of my rising anger so the room wasn’t as dark, and I focused on the matter at hand.

“So, Ourea…let’s split up and look for him. I’ll take my chariot and you can take Sayeh. We’ll cover more ground that way. If I find him, how will I call for you?”

“Your horses. Tell your horses to relay to me he has been found and where you are. And if I find him, I’ll call your horses. So if they veer off the course you set, let them, okay?”

I nodded. I knew from experience, Artemis could talk to animals, so this came as no surprise to me. We trashed our cups and walked out of the office together. I stopped her before we got to the stairwell door, turned, and pulled her into a gentle hug. “Please, be careful out there, okay?”

She nodded, pulling back from me. “I just want this all to be over and Dad to be okay.”

“I know, me too.” With that, I opened the heavy door and we descended together.

Walking out of the GC, I climbed into my chariot, and Artemis mounted Sayeh. We took off over the park and split off in opposite directions. I flew just above the treetops, scanning the forest floor for any movement that wasn’t normal. After about twenty minutes of scanning, a flock of birds flew up in front of me in a startled state, while a small herd of deer bolted from the same direction. I pulled hard on the reins, turning back towards the direction the animals had fled. The Titan was storming through the forest like a berserker, leaving fleeing animals and crushed plant life in his wake.

I called out to my steeds, “Tell Artemis what we found,” and looked for a clearing to set down in. Landing in a small patch of green, I got the horses settled and took off after Ourea. I knew Arty would be right behind me, and I had to catch up to him. I reined in my glow and took a leaping run through the trees in the same direction I had seen the Titan go.

I was mid-jump when I was yanked out of the air by my long hair, which had been flowing behind me. Vines grew out of Ourea and wrapped around my neck and body, holding me still. A growling voice buzzed in my ear, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know you were coming behind me? Even reining in your glow, I can see you kilometers away.”

I tried kicking his shin and flipping him over my back, but all it did was anger him and he pulled me in tighter. “Now, where’s that hunter friend of yours?”


In The Pantheon

Titans Rising: Paris – After Effects


Ate smoked out of my office, and I turned to Eos. “Why did you stop me?” I yelled. 

“Because if you had done what I saw in your head, we wouldn’t have heard all she had to say.”

I walked back to the bar, grabbing Eos’ glass on the way, and set them down on the bar counter. I stood there a minute and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. I felt the glow and warmth emanating from Eos as she came up behind me and placed her hand on my back. It wasn’t until she did, that I realized how dark I had become. Isolation wasn’t a good thing for me. Family helped me stay in check. Family…my thoughts drifted to Zeus and the Olympians.

Helios was still in the wrong, Eos too. Ate was right. I do remember last time. Last time the Olympians won and should have. Zeus asked me back. He didn’t have to reach out to me at all. Could they become my family?” 

Eos smiled wryly at my thought process and released my back. “That’s what I thought you’d say.” Her eyes changed to a darker green and she turned towards the door. 

“Eos, wait!”

She turned back, looking at me over her shoulder, and said simply, “I don’t think I will. We clearly still don’t see eye to eye.” She opened my office door and walked out, leaving it wide open. 

I stood there for a while, stunned. Cherie sat at her desk, paler than usual as Eos strode past her. She shook her head a little as she tried to wrap her mortal brain around the side effects and events she witnessed over the last few hours. 

“Cherie, love? What are you still doing here? It’s the middle of the night.” I asked her as I approached her, my eyes following Eos to the elevator. I knew there was no use chasing her as her mind was made up, just like mine. 

I turned my attention back to Cherie as she struggled to find her words. I walked up to her and cupped her face. The effects of two very emotional Titans and a goddess were too much for her and her brain was unable to process. I bent a little and dropped my hand from her face to the back of her neck, slipping my other arm under her knees. I lifted her slight form and carried her to my couch. I sighed deeply as I stood. 

I kept watching over her for a few minutes to make sure she was coming around before slipping into my personal quarters for a blanket and damp cloth for her forehead. I came back out and draped the blanket over her and perched on the coffee table next to her before placing the damp cloth on her head. 

How did this become such a massive clusterfuck so quickly?” I thought to myself. 

I didn’t really need to talk to Zeus. I knew his answers without asking. 

I turned my attention and focused back on Cherie, and seeped some of my pent-up energy into her. This is me, the healer, the mother. I needed to find the fight and help fight back the Titans. Seeing Cherie stir and watch as the focus came back into her eyes, I felt she would be ok, and I could move on. I stood, walked to the bar and pulled out a glass. I bent and opened the small fridge from under the counter and gathered a few ice cubes in my hand before standing and dropping them into the glass. I poured her some water from a bottle on the counter and brought it to her. I set it down on the coffee table and flipped the cloth on her head to the cooler side. 

“Wha…what happened…” The woman tried to sit up, and I laid my hand on her shoulder gently, but firm enough to get my point across. She laid back against the couch and pressed her hand to the cloth on her head.

“It’s ok, you’ll feel better soon. When you do, go home and stay there. Your life is more valuable to me than this place. Ok?” 

She nodded slightly in response. 

“I have to go now, but I will be back to check on you soon. We can talk then.” 

She wrinkled her face questioningly but didn’t argue. 

“I’ll help you make sense of it all when I return, just trust me for now, ok?”

Her eyes began to close as she relaxed in the trust we had developed. She knew this side of me, and that was enough. 

I stood and looked around my office. I took a deep sigh. I turned towards the window and called my steeds. I opened the window and stepped out into my awaiting chariot. I closed my eyes and felt out my fellow Titans. I knew I needed to talk to someone. Another Titan to help me get my thoughts out. But who? I flew southwest towards Mt. Olympus as I thought. “Maybe Asteria or Dione, no, they haven’t been around like me. I don’t even know if they are involved in the fight this time. Wait, Leto! Surely she has answered Apollo’s or Artemis’ call for aid.” I thought about where she might be and turned at Mt Olympus. 

I approached the GC in a matter of minutes, but I was not prepared for what I found. The building had smoke billowing out of the busted windows, and the mortal fire rescue teams were rushing all around, trying to get the people out and stabilize the building. “What in Tartarus happened here?” I thought to myself. My next thought was to my lab and the mortals I had hired to build it. “Gods! I have to do something!” I pulled my chariot up to the 25th floor where my lab was located and stepped in through one of the shattered windows. 

Oh, gods! Twisted metal and glass shards were everywhere. The cabinets were dangling from the wall, and their doors were hanging from the hinges. The tables were littered with ceiling tiles and debris. I continued walking through the room and began calling out for anyone on the floor. The first mortal I found was one of the workmen that had been hanging ceiling tiles. I’m pretty sure he broke some bones falling off the ladder, but I knelt down beside him and asked if I could help him out of the building. He mumbled and nodded. I slid one arm through the rubble and under his shoulder, gingerly sitting him up. I paused when he groaned and gave him a moment to readjust. Now that he was settled, I finished securing him in my arms and stood up. We carefully made our way back to the window and into my chariot. We flew down to ground level and I delivered him to one of the ambulances parked outside. I flew back and repeated the process until all the mortals from my floor were out and safe. Then I started on the next floor. I keep asking myself, “What happened here? Was it the Titans? Something to do with Pollux and Castor’s key? A mortal attack?” I shook off the questions and continued my work. I had just reentered the building and headed to the stairwell when I saw Artemis coming down a flight of stairs in a panic. “Arty? Artemis, are you ok? You’re clearly upset. Do you know what happened here?”

Titans Rising: Enemy of my Enemy {guest author}


Guest author Amber Albright

Trying to find a Titan is harder than it seems; that’s for damn sure. After hitting up the few offices that I knew about, I eventually found her in Paris. Shit, how many locations does one need?

Sighing, I walked to the large building that held the little moon Titan inside. I guess ‘little’ would be an insult, given her age and all, but who am I to pass on the opportunity to insult someone?

For our meeting, I wore a low-cut white pantsuit with matching shoes, and I trotted up the stairs to the entrance of the building. It was busy inside, with a bunch of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe business was booming for Miss Titan. I chewed my gum, popping bubbles, as I entered the elevator, pressing the floor I needed. I guess I could have turned into mist and went that way, but if the Titan decided to get handsy, I needed all my strength.

The elevator dinged at the top floor as the doors slid open. I walked in like I owned the place, my heels clicking on her expensive floor. A woman stood from the receptionist desk, opening her mouth to speak at my sudden intrusion. I didn’t hear what she said as I raised my hand, knocking on the door.

The door opened almost instantly. A tall, platinum-blonde Titan met my gaze.

“Ate?” She spoke with surprise as she raised her hand, stopping her receptionist behind me. “It’s okay, Cherie.”

I didn’t give her a second glance as I pushed my way in. The office was large with a huge bay window off to the side. A couch and chair sat opposite each other, the same color as her hair. Off to the left, there was a desk with a computer and paperwork upon it.  She had a small bar along one of the walls, and she wasn’t alone. An equally-tall woman sat in a chair off to the back, and from the energy she possessed, it told me that she was another Titan. Eos.

Eos was the Titan of the dawn, and although equally pretty, her hair held more of a rustic red to it  compared to her sister’s. This could work for me if I played my cards right. Although I had hoped for one Titan, I could try to persuade two. Maybe. I turned back to Selene and plopped down on her fancy couch, throwing my arms behind me as I popped another bubble.

“Hello, cupcake,” I purred as I gave her a once over. “You’ve aged well.”

“I have better moves than you, dear,” she responded, nodding to her receptionist before closing the door.

“Good one, S. What’s it been? A century or so?”

Rolling her eyes at my comment, she proceeded. “Or so.”  She headed to the bar, speaking over her shoulder, “Pick your poison.”

Smirking, I popped another bubble, “Oh, honey, you don’t have my poison.”

She scoffed in a mock laugh. “Oh, I’m sure.”

I watched as she pulled out three glasses and opened a decanter of Scottish whiskey, pouring two.

She turned back, heading to her sister, handing her a glass. “Sorry, Ate, you remember my sister, Eos?”

My smirk dropped for a second as I responded, “I remember everything. And a little birdie told me, you guys do, too.”

She nodded briefly before tapping her foot. “Drink or not?”

I shook my head in response. “I’ll pass. I don’t plan to stay long.”

She shrugged and returned the third glass. She walked back towards the couch and me.

“What’s on your mind, and be specific.”

Standing from the couch, I walked over towards her desk, slowly dragging a single finger across it, while glancing at the paperwork. I saw nothing of importance. I turned back to her, clasping my hands in front of me.

“I have a proposition for you. As you both know, the Titans are free. Just as I know your dear old brother is back in his cell.”

She sighed at my words. “And? We were just on our way to see…” she stopped rolling her eyes as she made air quotes, “King Zeus.”

Hearing his name made my blood boil, but I composed myself so that they didn’t even notice the sudden change. Taking a deep breath, I slowly smirked at her comment.

“And do what exactly? Ask him for a favor? You know as well as I that he will give you nothing. What if I have something better in mind?”

Selene didn’t miss a beat.

“He has been reasonable before,” she paused, throwing back her drink, and headed to the bar for a refill. She stopped, checking to see if her sister needed one, and returned to her seat. “You have our attention. Go on.”

Folding my arms, I leaned against her desk “As you know, since your memories are intact, I was exiled. Banished. Erased. Now I could care less what happens to you, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t interested.”

She scoffed. “Someone besides Atlas?”

My smile slowly widened as I stepped forward.

“Yes someone older than even Atlas. Titans ruled long before the Gods and now look at you. Bending to their will. Answering their call. Time is up, S. The Titans want you back.”

“What’s the offer?” she asked as Eos stood close to her.

“Join Kronos. Help ruin Olympus with me, and then you don’t have to worry about your precious brother ever being imprisoned again.”

She tilted her head for a moment before responding, “I remember, quite clearly, how that went down last time. What’s different this time?”

Eos watched me for a second before grabbing her sister’s glass. After refilling both glasses, she returned to sit by her sister. I turned away from them heading, towards the window, placing my hands on the windowsill before turning back.

“Look at the world now. The Gods are weak. Complacent. They crave love, work jobs; they’re practically mortal. They haven’t fought in a war in centuries.” I paused, my voice turning cold. “And besides, the last time the Titans didn’t have me.”

Selene stood and headed over to the window, the air around her changing as she got closer. The look on her face alone told me I’d hit a nerve somewhere. She seemed livid, almost as if her face took on a darker shade. She placed her hand above mine, pinning me near the window.

“And you think you can make that much of a difference, little God?” she asked through clenched teeth.

If she was trying to intimidate or scare me, it wouldn’t work, but I played along with it. I smiled, backing slowly, shaking my head in amusement, like a child.

“Nope. But what’s about to happen is going to make the Titan war look like a piece of cake.” I paused, tapping my chin. “What’s the saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Besides you forget. I. Remember. Everything.”

Selene’s voice raised as the nerve I was trying to reach starts to crack. “As do I, child.” She turned back to Eos, striding toward her, and snapped at me again. “I was outcast and isolated, too. Or are you that fucking conceited?”

I tilted my head toward her, stepping closer once more, my brows furrowing. “You see, that’s the difference between you and I. You’re doing nothing about it. You’re working for them. Helping them. It’s kind of pathetic. A Titan as their lap dog.”

My remark sent Selene over the edge, and the room began to darken as she started towards me. She stopped by her sister, grabbing her hand. “I haven’t done any help, that’s for damn sure! I simply thought a change in pace may be a good idea.”

I stood in place, folding my arms, as I stared at her. “You thought wrong, and you’re a fool to think they won’t turn on you, too. Think about it. Or would you rather ask for visitation rights for the rest of eternity?”

She snatched her hand from Eos, who was currently the only light source in the room, and stared back at me. The air in the room thickened from the two Titans I just pissed off, and I know there isn’t much more I can say. Shrugging, I dropped my arms as I placed my hands on my hips.

“The offer still stands, S. If you want it. I’m sure Kronos will find you sooner or later.”

I grinned coldly, once more giving a wave to both Titans as I morphed my body into fine black mist and exited through the window.

Titans Rising: Paris – Eos


I threw open the door from my Paris office, which scared the shit out of Cherie. “Oh mes dieux, comment êtes-vous arrivé ici.

“How did I get here? I’m a Titan, remember, Cherie? I can go anywhere I want,” I said in a sharper tone than she deserved.

She looked at me like she was going to cry.

“I’m sorry, Cherie, it’s been a long day,” I apologized. I wasn’t angry at her. She didn’t deserve my wrath.

She stood from her desk and walked up to me, touching a patch of dirt on my face. She looked me up and down and linked her arm in mine.

“No, Lady Selene, I apologize. Let’s go take care of you.” She walked me back into my office through to my personal quarters. She pulled out a washcloth from the cupboard and turned on the water at the sink. Her hand trailed from the faucet to the lever to begin filling the sink with water. She dipped the cloth in the water and wrung it out. I leaned against the counter, mulling over the events of the last few days while she gently cleaned the dirt off of my face and arms. She untucked my tank top and pulled it off over my head. Rinsing the cloth out turned the water a reddish-brown color, and she continued the careful cleaning of my flesh wounds as I stared off into space.

Snapping back to the present, I took her hand from my shoulder where she was wiping at a bruise. “Cherie, I think I just need a shower,” I sighed deeply.

“As you wish, my Lady. I know you never do, but if you want to talk, I am here.” She bowed her head and I kissed the top of it.

“Thank you, sweet girl, but no. There are some things mortals shouldn’t know.”

With that, she laid the washcloth on the sink, pulled the plug, and walked out of the bathroom. I finished stripping and got in the shower. The hot water pelted my bruised body, but I didn’t really feel it, my mind was elsewhere.

“Helios, can you still hear me? I can still feel you. I have to get you out. I can’t do this without you.” 

My pleas were met with silence. If he was gone, how could I still teleport? How did I still feel so…so strong and connected? I had more questions than answers, and I refused to live this way.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I dressed in silence, but my thoughts were screams in my head.

It wasn’t enough time. I have so much I still want to say to you. Maybe Zeus will let us send letters or have visitations. He turned himself in. That’s good, right? He helped me fight Atlas, he could have taken Atlas’ side. I needed more time! 

Screw this form, I needed to see more and figure out what was going on! I went to the window, opened and jumped.

My chariot was there and I landed with both feet and took the reins in one smooth, practiced motion. The horses took off at my mental command, and we flew off into the thermosphere. I spent a few hours just flying around, trying to sense where everyone was and who was free. My sister, Eos, and I have been estranged since the last war when she took the Titans’ side. She wasn’t imprisoned like our brother was, and I felt it better that we stayed apart…until now.

I wonder what she knows. Helios didn’t mention her, but we didn’t exactly have much time to talk or catch up. I closed my eyes and tried to find her. I turned to the west and slapped my reins as we took off in the direction of the sunrise. “Eos, dear sister. I need your counsel. Where are you?” 

“Here, dearest Selene. Keep coming to the west and I will meet you there. I have been waiting for you to call.”

“Yes, sister, I feel you.”

I slapped the reins again, and my steeds quickened their pace. Minutes later, we landed smoothly less than 200km from Paris. The wind whipped as Eos came out from hiding. Her red hair whipped behind her as she approached me. We were both cautious as we approached each other.

How, how long have you been here?”

She dropped her head.

“Long enough. I am – proud of you, Sel. All you have accomplished, and to be welcomed back into the Pantheon.” 

“Thanks. I think,” I spoke out loud. “Look, let’s cut to the chase.”

My emotions were still raw from the flash visit of Helios, and now seeing Eos, with our rocky relationship, wasn’t helping matters. Maybe talking aloud will keep my emotions from showing as bad.

“Do you know anything more about the Titans’ uprising than I do?”

Eos nodded. “Some. I have been approached, but haven’t acted upon anything yet. Honestly, I wanted to see where it went, and whose side you took.”

“Me? You never cared what I thought before. Why would it matter this time?”

The anger was rising, but I tried to keep myself in check. She wasn’t as powerful as Helios, but our connection still played off each other and our moods likewise. I could feel her anxiety and she, my anger. We stepped back from each other. This was one of the many reasons we stayed apart. We were too volatile to each other.

I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

“So, have you seen Helios? Who approached you?” I paused to give her time to answer.

“Who doesn’t matter, and no, I haven’t seen Helios. Now, thanks to you, I won’t be able to,” she spat, pure hatred and disdain dripping from her words.

“Eos, you got it all wrong! I swear! He turned himself in! I want nothing more than for us to be together again! The trifecta reunited.”

The reality of Atlas’ words rang in my head.

Eos just looked at me. She was waiting for me to finish my statement, but I was lost in thought. I shook my head, trying to get the Titan’s words out of my head. I looked at Eos and all I could do was step up and give her a deep, hard hug. She stiffened under my embrace. She slowly drew her arms up and absently patted my back in return.

“Oh, Eos. My dear sister. How could I judge you any harsher than Helios?”

At that, she relaxed into me and we just stood there for a while in each other’s embrace.

After some time, Eos pulled back and said, “So, who are we joining, Sel?”

“Depends on the answers I get from the king.”

We stepped back into my chariot and took off back to my Paris office. With the Titans on the loose, finding Zeus wasn’t going to just be as simple as an office visit. We needed to regroup.

Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 2


Dawn came before I got anywhere with the mortal responsible for Endy’s disappearance. I emerged from the backroom, wiping my hands with a cloth before ascending the service staircase to my room. I showered and dressed in silence, trying to wash away the last few hours. I wiped the fog off the mirror and looked at my reflection. I didn’t like this side of me, my dark side, but it was there. I closed my eyes, unable to look at my reflection any longer. I finished drying off and dressing before calling Ayberk to my room.

Ayberk knocked twice before using his key to let himself in. I was sitting at a small round table, staring out the window, holding an untouched cup of tea. “My Lady,” he said, with a slight bow before coming closer. “What did you discover from the man?”

I set the cup down without taking a sip.


The only thing I needed to say.

“Atlas? As in, holding the world Atlas?”

I nodded. “There was a jailbreak in Tartarus, and he is no longer bound to it. I don’t know much more than that. I’m trying to contact Helios, my brother.”

“I thought he was in prison, too?”

I looked at him with disdain.

“Jailbreak, Ayberk. I’m trying to see if he escaped, too.”

“Right, yes, ma’am. Can I do anything, ma’am? Get you anything?”

I shook my head.

“Thank you, Ayberk, but I think I need to be…elsewhere.”

With that, I got up and left him standing there. I made my way down the staircase and back out into the blazing heat where the vehicles were parked. I hopped in my jeep and took off back towards the airport. During my drive, I tried to contact Helios. I thought I could feel him, but it’s been so long, it’s hard to tell if it is him or the sudden influx of Titans on this plane.

The crowds of tourists were especially thick this time of year, and it was harder to get out of town than I would have liked. I finally made it out of town and rounded a bend when I saw him. He was larger than I remembered, but I should have expected that after holding the Earth for so long. Emotion flooded me as I threw the jeep in park and jumped out, “Where is Endymion?” I yelled as I stormed towards him. The rage was evident in every fiber of my being. The ground shook beneath me as I drew in energy and began to glow.

“Selene, I just want to talk,” he began, his arms open in a gesture of peace.

“Talk!” I bellowed. “You think taking Endymion was a good way to start a conversation?”

“I knew you wouldn’t listen unless I gave you reason,” he continued on quickly so I couldn’t interrupt. “All I want is to realign the cosmos. You, your siblings, and myself. The trifecta reunited. Don’t you want that?” He reached for me and I slapped his hand away.

“Not like this! It would never work! Plus,” I paused, a flash of Endy crossed my mind again, “you should have never involved Endy!”

Blinded by my own rage, I went for the massive Titan and missed. He grabbed me by the throat, and before I could even blink, we were on a different continent. He slammed me down into the dry, rocky ground and the earth beneath me shook. I craned my head around to take in my surroundings, and I saw Helios kneeling, bent over Endymion, holding his head in his lap. The overwhelming rage, fear, and excitement was too much to contain, and I sent out a shock wave from my very core that knocked an unsuspecting Atlas on his ass. I got up and ran over to Helios, who looked up into my eyes as I approached. “Sel, I swear, I had no idea what his plan was,” he began quickly before I could speak. “He just told me he had a way for me to see you again if I helped him. I…I’m sorry.”

So many things ran through my mind and heart, colliding in such a chaotic whirl of emotions. I was so happy to see my brother, it had been so long, but he was a fugitive and it didn’t change the betrayal he inflicted before he left. Plus, he was with Atlas and holding Endy. How could I know whose side he was on? Did he aid in taking Endy and is now lying about his involvement? How do I know who to trust? I have tried to come to grips with his choice, even tried to see it from his point of view. But here, now, in this moment, it was all too raw and overwhelming. Not only that, but the way my powers grew when he was around was dangerous. It was taking all that I had do to contain them and not hurt Endy.

I looked at Helios and spoke with him through our link. “Can you send him back?”

He nodded and closed his eyes. Endy vanished and Helios stood to face me. Atlas was still in the corner of my eye and began striding towards us. “How do I know I can trust you?”

Atlas was upon us and Helios turned into him. We ducked simultaneously and stood as he careened over us. The motion sent him careening ass-over-tea-kettle in the direction he was going, but now landed him on his back fifteen feet away.

Helios straightened and turned back to me. He took my hands in his and said out loud, “You will always be my choice. Sel, I can’t change the past, nor take back anything that happened, but missing you has been harder than anything I have endured down there.” He sighed deeply as Atlas came charging back at us. “I’ll show you, but right now…” and we turned in tandem and swung at Atlas.

Helios went low with a straight punch to Atlas’ stomach. As he hurled forward, I seized the opportunity for an uppercut to his face, sending the Titan soaring backwards in a flip several hundred feet. Atlas was agile and landed in a kneeling position. Helios was back on him in a fraction of a second. He continued the physical assault as I reined in my glow and snuck around behind the Titan. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled back with all my might. Atlas reached up in an attempt to unhinge my arm and Helios took the open window.

As I leaned back and pulled the Titan’s body, even further exposing his torso, Helios released a barrage of powerful combinations on his body, finishing with a massive uppercut to his chin. The final blow sent the Titan over me and careening another fifty feet. He lay there a few seconds in recovery before standing again. This time, we could feel the rage emanating from him as he barged towards us. His every step shook the ground beneath our feet. His power flowed through the ground, causing the ground to crack, as he bounded in our direction. Helios and I fought to stay on our feet as the cracks grew towards us. Atlas advanced on us. He jumped into the air about ten feet in front of us and landed with such an explosive force, it knocked Helios and I back at least ten feet. We landed on our asses and bounced a few feet more.

By the time we regained our footing, he was upon us again. With his gained momentum and our instability, he used a flying kick to our chests and knock us back down. He landed on his feet and bent down, picking both Helios and I up by our throats. Anger expanded between us. Our bond and thoughts grew strong. He was NOT going to seperate us again! Our power grew exponentially, and with a planned, synchronized move, Helios and I both wrapped our legs around Atlas and pulled.

Atlas was knocked off his feet, and we hit the ground in a tangled heap. Helios and I were mostly on top of the Titan when we landed, so we were able to keep the upper hand. I grabbed his head and made a half-turn, shoving his chin downward. I heard bones crack as I twisted his head. Atlas pivoted into a backflip and landed flat on his chest with a grunt. Helios straddled Atlas with a knee in the small of his back.  Quickly, my brother ripped his arms backward. I followed suit and climbed on his back and wrapped him in a headlock. The Titan was momentarily down and that is all we needed.

NOW!” I bellowed to Helios and the three of us apparated into the welcome center of Tartarus. We were surrounded instantly by guards. I looked up as Lord Hades walked towards me. Atlas was still struggling under our grasp so speaking was difficult.

“Lord Hades, one of yours, I presume?”

He nodded, and the guards reached down and took a hold of Atlas. Helios and I climbed off of him and stood as they fought to take control of the Titan and began to stand him up. Atlas lashed out an arm and knocked one of the guards on his ass before Hades fastened a chain around his neck and the lot of them walked him away into the Underworld.

I turned to Helios and embraced him. “I missed you so much!” 

He held me tight in return.

“Oh, moonbeam, being apart from you has been the biggest punishment.”

 We just held each other as long as we were allowed. I felt Hades’ presence as he came up behind me. I lifted my head and turned towards him. I shook my head.

“He helped me. He has served his sentence. Please.” I begged.

His stare unwavering. I turned back to Helios and wrapped him in my arms again.

“Moonbeam,” he said out loud this time, “I have to go back, in good faith. Speak to Lord Zeus, yes, but I have to show them, and you, I am not a threat. Can you understand that?”

“I do, my sweet brother, but so soon? We haven’t even had time to speak.”

He pulled me away from his chest so I could look up into his eyes.

“Sel, I love you, but this is the right thing to do.” He stepped back from me and the guards standing near us each grabbed an arm. They weren’t rough, but I yelped anyways.

“Helios,” I breathed as they took him away.

“Lady Selene,” Lord Hades said, “my brother will want to see you.”

I nodded and dropped my head. A guard walked me to Charon, and he escorted me across the Styx before I snapped. I closed my eyes and imagined my Paris office. I opened them again and was there.

I’m sorry, brother, but I can’t just bow to him again. I’m coming for you, I need you.

Titans Rising: Endymion’s Found Part 1


Val burst into my office yelling, “Selene, Selene! Oh my gods! SELENE!”

I was in an important meeting with several record company executives, and she knew I was not to be disturbed. Worried, I stood up.

“Val? What’s wrong? Ladies, gentlemen, please excuse me.”

I walked around the table to face Val.

“What’s so important?” I asked in hushed tones.

“It’s – it’s Endy,” she said quietly and gulped hard. “He’s, he’s been FOUND!” The last part was said through clenched teeth.

I suddenly understood the mortal slang “mind blown”.  To say I was shocked was too mild. Yep, mind blown! For thousands of years, he had been safely hidden in a little cave in Turkey. Mortals have visited, but never reached the deepest part where he lie in his eternal sleep. I quickly turned to the execs and said, “I’m sorry, but I have to go,” and followed Val out the door. Their scoffs and yells in outrage didn’t even register in my panicked state.

Shutting the door behind us, Val glanced around to make sure we were alone.

“Some archeologists were excavating and found the hidden door. Selene, they demolished it!”

I rushed into my private quarters and grabbed my bug-out bag.

“Sel, what are you doing? GO!”

“I’m going,” I said, holding up my bag, “but I need to take a few things from here. I can’t wear this,” I gestured at my business suit, “into the mountains.” I gave Val a quick hug before I rushed into my private elevator. When I got to the ground floor, there was a car and driver waiting for me. I normally drive, but in this situation, I might be too reckless. Good thinking, Val. This is why I love you so much.

The driver took me right onto the tarmac to my awaiting jet. I threw open the car door and ran up the stairs. I didn’t even stop long enough to notice my regular redheaded stewardess wasn’t there. I headed straight back to the bathroom. As the jet was speeding up to take off I emerged fully dressed in hiking clothes that I’d pulled from my bag. As I sat down, I noticed the change. “Where’s Rosen?” I asked the sheepish-looking blonde as I buckled up.

“Um, she, uh, wasn’t available on such short notice, um, ma’am.”

“Why are you stuttering? Am I scary or something?” I pressed a button on the panel beside me and said, “Hey Hal, what did you tell her about me? She looks like I’m gonna bite her or something.”

A chuckle came over the speaker and the robust pilot replied, “Just told her you were a bigwig and to do what you say. Honest.” The speaker crackled off.

I looked back at her. “So, what’s so scary, huh?”

I sat back and tried to smile at her. My mind was racing, but there was absolutely NOTHING I could do until I got there. And even then, I had a jeep ride on top of it.

“Nothing, ma’am. I’m just new and afraid to screw up. I thought my first gig would be, like, a full jet so I could bounce around and mingle. The one-on-one attention just sort of scared me. Plus, the way you stormed in here, I just…” she said, finally calming down and finding her voice.

“Well, I promise I do not take my anger out on…undeserving people. Hal gave you my instructions. I think they are fairly easy to follow.”

She nodded in response.

“Now, whiskey, please. If you need one, you are welcome to a dram,” I said as I pointed to the kitchen area, where the decanter and glasses sat.

The blonde and I made small talk until the first fuel stop. The door opened unexpectedly and a redhead emerged in the doorway. Rosen was stumbling over her feet as well as her words as she entered. “I’m sorry, so sorry, Ms. Moon. I was on another flight. There was physically no way to get to you sooner. I’m sorry.” She glanced over at the blonde and gave her a sheepish look and nodded in thanks for filling in.

Before I could speak, the blonde turned to me and said, “It was nice to meet you. Perhaps I shall fly with you again someday,” then turned and left, the jet’s door closing behind her.

“Rosen, really darling, it was ok. I understood.”

“But it’s Endy! Who else can you trust?”

I smiled slightly at her and sighed as I sat back in my seat. I hadn’t even realized I had been leaning forward. “You are truthful there. It was nerve wracking to act calm when I am losing my mind.”

She refilled my whiskey and sat down across from me. Pulling out a file from…hell, I don’t know where from, it was just there…anyway, she pulled out a file and started. “So this is what I got from Ayberk. He allowed some archeologists to stay at the hotel and explore the caves. He has never had any of them defile the ruins before now, and he got lax in checking gear and every detail of their plans. He knows how serious it is.”

“So they just blew up the door? How did they even know it was there? It doesn’t look like a door. And it’s supposed to be enchanted, so how? I have more questions than answers. I hate not being there already.”

We were in the air again so I unbuckled and started pacing the length of the jet. “If I was not confined to this form, I would BE there by now! I should be there! Why did I decide to do this?”

Rosen stood up and took the now-empty glass from my hand, placing it on the counter. She placed her firm hands on my arms and drew my attention saying. “Sel, look at me. Endy is safe. The men were caught and are in custody. If you were in your true form, how would you even know? Hermes? At least in this form, as you call it, you have contact with the mortals entrusted with his care.”

She was right, as usual. With Hermes down here, working at the GC, I was essentially cut off. If I wasn’t here when it happened, I wouldn’t have been able to get to him at all. Rosen and I talked some more, and Hal had to make one more fuel stop on the way. Rosen finally got me to lay down on the lounge and place my head in her lap. She stroked my head and listened to me talk about the adventures Endy and I had before Zeus got involved, and even about some of the places he had been moved to after. We landed in a record time of six hours and forty-five minutes, the fastest Hal has ever gotten me from L.A. to Turkey.


Unlike my office locations, here I had a deep green jeep waiting for me. Ayberk and my Turkish assistant, Esmeray, was in the jeep with an update.

“Selene, I’m not sure how to tell you this,” Esmeray began.

“Did Ayberk and his men get any more out of them?” I interrupted.

She nodded. “Yes and no.” She seemed hesitant. “Selene, ma’am, Endymion is missing.”

“He’s what!?” I yelled, completely flabbergasted. “How? Where did they move him? Can Ayberk not get more out of them?”

“Yes ma’am, they are capable of more punishment.” She paused and swallowed hard. “They weren’t sure how far you wanted them to go, ma’am. They have already, um,” she paused again and shivered. “Well, it’s not pretty.”

I knew if she was upset, my men had done their job. Now it was time for a Titan to show up.

A couple hours later. we arrived at the cave system. I jumped out of the still-moving jeep and rushed up the steps to the hotel. The doorman saw me coming and held the door open for me. I made my way to the back rooms of the hotel where I knew they would be holding the men. Esmeray was right; it was a mess when I walked in. The three men were strapped to chairs, and Ayberk and his crew were leaning against the tool-littered table at the far side of the room. I  rushed across the room towards my men and said, “Well, anything in the last few hours?” Ayberk shook his head no.


My voice echoed in the stone walls, causing some chips to fall from the ceiling. I spun on my heels and marched back towards the chair-strapped men. I felt out their auras and approached the man with the strongest, darkest will. The rest of them were sniveling rags, only there for coin. I bent down into his face, nose-to-nose and growled out of the corner of my mouth, “Where is he?”

He returned my stare, but his will wavered the slightest amount. He recognized me for the Titan I was, and that was the only thing to give him pause. There was something else, though. He knew who I was because he had seen one of us before.

“Who has him,” I shouted, “and what do they want?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

At that, I lost whatever control I had left. I drew back and punched the guy so hard, he and his chair landed on their sides a few feet away. I turned back to Ayberk. “He’s working for a Titan. He knew what I was. Get the rest of these domuzlar cleaned up and out of here. He’s the only one we need.”

My crew picked the man up, and he sagged in his restraints, still unconscious. They untied the rest of the men and gave them wet rags to clean themselves. The men were led out by their bound arms through a side door and loaded into a four-runner. I gave orders to have them taken to the authorities and charged with vandalism of a protected site. I removed my jacket, revealing my tank top. I turned back to the remaining man as he began to come to.

“Now that we are alone…” I calmly said to him, “I’m going to ask you again. Where is he, and who are you working for?”

He looked me dead in the eyes and hacked his bloody spittle onto the floor by my feet. I stood back up and stretched. “I haven’t had to do this in a very, very, very long time young man. I really wish I didn’t have to do it now. Last chance.”

Silence filled the room.

“Have it your way.”

Titans Rising


Let’s have a little history lesson, shall we?

The Wars between the Titans and Olympians (credit and link to history here)

The Titanomachy is a series of wars in Greek mythology. These wars took place in Thessaly, and were also called the War of the Titans, the Battle of the TITANS, the Battle of the Gods or just the Titan War. These wars were between the Titans, the older gods, and the OLYMPIANS, a newer generation of gods. The Titans ruled Mount Othrys, and the Olympians would rule Mount Olympus. The Titans and the Olympians fought to decide who would rule the universe. In the end, the Olympians who were led by ZEUS won.

There were several poems about the war between the gods during the Classical Greek Age. Only one poem has survived. It is called the THEOGONY and is said to be written by Hesiod. The Titans and Olympians are mentioned in many other poems, particularly those of Orpheus.

Before the war started the Titans were in power, and Uranus was in charge of the universe. Uranus made his wife, Gaea angry because he locked up some of her children. These children were the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires. He locked them up in the Tartarus, which was a prison deep below the earth. Gaea was very mad that Uranus had locked up her children, so she made them a giant weapon and told them to castrate their father. CRONUS was the only child that would do as his mother told him. So Cronus and his mother made a plan to overthrow Uranus.

The plan worked, and when Uranus was castrated his blood fell to earth and into the sea. From this blood, several sets of children were born. The Gigantes, the Erinyes, and the Meliae were all made from Uranus’ blood that fell to the earth. Aphrodite was born from Uranus’ blood that fell into the sea.

Cronus, with his mother’s help, managed to overthrow his father, Uranus. But Uranus made a prediction that Cronus would be overthrown by his sons. Because Cronus was afraid of losing the kingdom, he made the same mistakes his father did and turned into a terrible, angry king and did lots of horrible things to stay in power. He put his brothers back into prison and ate his children, just to keep them from overthrowing him. But Rhea, his wife, managed to fool Cronus and keep one of his children safe. This child was named Zeus. Rhea hid him away in a cave on the island of Crete so he would be safe. On the island, Zeus was raised by a goat, named Amalthea.

Once Zeus grew up, he went to his father’s mountain and served him as a cupbearer. His father did not know that Zeus was his son. A Titan goddess named Metis helped Zeus fool his father into drinking a mixture of mustard in his wine. This caused Cronus to feel sick, and he threw up all of his children that he had eaten, one by one. Once Cronus had expelled all of Zeus’ brothers and sisters, Zeus talked them into rebelling against Cronus, their father.

This is what started the Titanomachy, or the Titan’s War. Zeus and his brothers and sisters rebelled against his father, Cronus. Zeus set the CYCLOPES and the Hecatonchires free from their underground prison and convinced them to join the rebellion against Cronus too. Remember, Cronus had been the one who locked up his siblings, so they agreed to join Zeus. The Hecatonchires used rocks as weapons, and the Cyclopes made Zeus’ thunderbolts. Together they also made POSEIDON‘s trident and HADES‘ helm of darkness.

The only Titians (the older generation) to fight with Zeus were Themis and Prometheus. This war lasted ten years. ATLAS was a major leader on the side of the Titans and Cronus. After the war was over, Zeus imprisoned all of the Titans, except for Themis and Prometheus who fought for him. These Titans were imprisoned in the earth the same way that Cronus, Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes once were. Hecatonchires guarded the Titans in their prison. Because Atlas was such an important fighter for the opposition, Zeus gave him the special punishment of holding up the world.

After the Titans’ War Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon decided to divide the universe into three parts. They drew straws to see who would rule over which part. Zeus drew the longest straw, so he was given the title of king of the sky. This also meant that he was the head of mortals and all the gods, too. Poseidon got the middle straw, so he became king of the sea. Hades drew the shortest straw, so he became the ruler of the Underworld.
The Underworld is also known as the realm of the dead. There are some differently told versions of the Titanomachy, one of which says that Zeus eventually let the Titans go free.

Once Zeus had reign over the earth, he decided to ask Prometheus and Themis to create man and animals to populate the earth as a new generation of mortal beings. Themis created animals, and Prometheus was given the job of creating man. Themis took his job very seriously and finished all of the animals before Prometheus had even decided what gifts to give mankind. By the time Prometheus was ready to give mankind the gifts, Themis had already used them all on the animals!

Prometheus was so angry that he stole the godly fire back from Zeus, and gave it to man. Zeus was so angry that he chained Prometheus to a mountain forever. Zeus was still so angry that he wanted to punish mankind. He did this by creating a beautiful woman, named Pandora. Pandora was given a box with a little bit of each of the gods’ powers. Pandora then married, and lived a very happy life, until one day she got very curious. Pandora and her husband decided to open the box.

When they opened this box, all the evils of the world came spilling out. According to Greek mythology, this is where we get pride, envy, greed, pain, suffering and anything bad. Pandora and her husband managed to close the box before every horror escaped. They only opened it one more time because the box whispered that it had hope inside, and wanted to let it out. They did open the box then, and hope was released for all of mankind.

Now…Skip to the present.

Upon the return of Até, goddess of ruin and mischief.  She saught revenge upon Zeus and all of Olympia for her banishment and helped the Titans escape from Tartarus Correction Facility. She continues to reack havoc everywhere she goes (you can follow her story here… Titans Rising- Goddess Até)

This brings new meaning to the saying “all hell broke loose” (or in this case, Tartarus) and it has had its effects on mortals and immortals, alike. Be forwarned, there is chaos afoot and it can and will affect you, too! So if you see any Titan, or Primordial, do NOT approach them. Find your nearest god or goddess and turn them in! 

So, let’s recap…
Chronos is the Primordial of Time: he can bend, reshape, rewind, fast forward, walk, run, and generally do some dirty stuff with time. He can erase memories, change history, and has a huge chip on his shoulder towards the remaining Primordials and Zeus. His ultimate goal is to kill the original first lines of defence during the Titanomachy, throw the Primordials into the prison they created for him, and rule Olympus.

Kronos is the current King of the Titans, and the father of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. He can also distort and play with time, but is not not inclined to use such power as frequently as Chronos is. He prefers outwitting, outplaying, and outfighting his opponents, and when he is done his task, he moves on.  

Kronos and Chronos are working in tandem, but that does not mean they won’t have their own agendas that they are not sharing with one another. Kronos wants revenge for the Titanomachy. He is willing to go to war for this, and will recruit new people to his cause as well mortals, deifying mortals, mythological creatures. Chronos just wants to watch the world burn – would be happy to take over the Pantheon, and is actively seeking ways to create turmoil, have immortals go missing, all in an effort to turnover Olympus. He has been trapped beneath Tartarus since just before the Titanomachy. There were suspicions that he would aid the Titans, so to prevent that, he was locked away in a special prison.

So, buckle up buttercup and hold on…here we go!

The story begins here…

And when you get back, Selene’s story will pick up from there!

Facebook For Authors

Algorithm: (social media’s little gremlin) is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more social media platforms use this process to calculate what posts to show you in your feeds. Do you really think you see all 3k+ followers every day? NOPE, not a chance! Think about all those ads! How do you think they know what to post? (Ok, I mean the ones you actually google, not the creepy ones that pop up when you where THINKING of them…we’ll get to that later) They pick up you searches and likes and throw it into a BINGO cage. So, how do you get what you want on your feed and more importantly, how do you get seen on other’s feeds?

Number one secret to see what you want (and, more importantly, to BE SEEN) is INTERACTIONS. Not shares…INTERACTIONS!  Twitter and IG algorithms work on hashtags, facebook does not. With facebook, the more you ‘love, laugh or wow’ (not like); and the more you COMMENT on people’s posts, the more YOUR things show up in THEIR feeds! (likes get lost in the feeds, make it a grander gesture) See a recipie you want to try on their wall? Comment on it and ask them if they tired it yet and if they liked it or the ease of the recipie. Cute dog pic? Tell them how adorable it is. You feel me? TALK TO THEM, ENGAGE THEM! Which leads to number two.

Second…people want ORIGINAL content. Not a ton of shares. Don’t getme wrong…we want to share our friends content. We want to share their writing or links…but make things your own as well! Polls, pictures, questions, interactive prompts, etc. So you see a sweet prompt or quote…SAVE that puppy and post it as your own post. (Yup, you stole content…TAG to owner in your post or even better, use the quote and make your own graphic for it. It is supper easy on apps like Over, Word Swag and Pics Art.)

That leads to third…TAG your writer friends! Especially in interactive posts! It’s like asking them to comment…AND it will show up on THEIR feeds and their friends will see it! BOOM! That easy. Say, for example, you do a prompt post. Tag the friends you think will write something. I did one the other day as a continue the story and started with a few lines to set the scene, then tagged my local writer critique group. The story was so vast and amazing by the end of the day! And I kept it going by commenting on their addition, on how it fit or wowed me. Let them know THEY MATTER and you appreciate them and they will keep participating in the future. Mentioning my writer group leads me to number four.

Fourth…join writer groups and interact and share the ISH out of their books or blogs. Then, when you make a connection with someone, (genre in common, conversation in comments, etc) FRIEND REQUEST THEM! You just grew your followers and exposure. Hopefully you will find a comrade, a new friend that will share your works as well as provided content and feedback. Remember, this isn’t a competition, we are all a community!

How many friends or followers do you have? Try adding 5 a day, for a week. Find something on their feed you connect with or like and COMMENT on it! Recipe? “Hey, have you tried this yet? It looks so good. Thanks for sharing it!” Encouragement post? “Wow, I really needed that, thanks!” Come on…we’re writers! We can comment on posts! We can create creative content! And, if writing and your books are a part of your life, then by golly SHARE it! 

Take Network Marketing expert, Eric Worre’s quote…“take every person you meet, get their contact information, and find a creative way to stay in touch.” He’s done that for over 60 years, and today his list of friends totals more than 12,000 people.”
― Eric Worre, Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Fifth…Is your account set to PUBLIC? Even if you share family pics (make THAT post friends only) but all other posts, public. People want to see the real you. That you aren’t just a bot that spams them. They want to support the family person, see the cute dogger, feel encouraged by a quote. Struggling today? Ok, tell them. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and that is ok. That makes you RELATABLE! They want to help send you encouragement! Let them see you are a real person. And if writing and your books are a part of your life, then by golly SHARE it! 

Number six…for the love of Pete…share your links DAILY!  How many times have you seen one of those pop-up surveys that says “Have you seen an ad for ‘blah blah blah’?” And you look at the poll like “‘HUH?” What ad?” There-ya go…   Besides, if they are your friends, they will be encouraging you, not begrudging you for your excitement.

So let’s just say you share your book and link once a week…how many times do you think it gets seen? Seriously…how many? 1/100, if you are lucky. Remember number one? If you are already getting lost in the feed…then you add the rule of 7…you HAVE to not feel like you are over sharing! I promise you are NOT!  Your friends want to see you succeed…in everything. 

“As of late 2019, average reach for Facebook posts was down by 2.2%, meaning that brands could reasonably expect their posts to be seen by about 5.5% of their Page’s followers. Big brands with massive follower counts can expect even lower averages.”  –HootSuite 

And Forbes says, “brand success doesn’t happen overnight. A brand encounters daily challenges such as competition, consistency issues, dilution of the message and much more. The average person often doesn’t even recognize the brands they interact with on an everyday basis.”

So what does all that mean for you? It means marketin on your own is HARD, but DOABLE, and Facebook is a growing way to do it.

So, over all, remember to be present and ACTIVE and your algorithim WILL pick up! Don’t be so worried about spamming your link…as long as that is not the ONLY thing you are posting, and HAVE FUN with your frineds and your posts!

A Star Is Born


I climbed into my personal jet and popped my head into the cockpit. “Hey-ya, Hal. Are we ready?”

“Ready when you are, my lady,” he said with a wink. Hal and I go way back. He is the second mortal I told my secret to and is a kind and gentle soul. He’s a top rate pilot that flew for Boeing as a test pilot. When I met Hal, he was slumped over at a bar one night, not long after my return to the mortal realm. Where I normally go to clubs to feed off of the good energies, his was so, loud, for lack of a mortal word, that I had to help him. He had just lost his wife to the mortal disease of cancer and was having a hard time recovering. Like many mortals, he felt safe and at peace in my presence and opened up like a book. We ended up at his house where I held the broken man as we put his soul back together. By morning, a whole man stood before me, and he asked me who or what I was. It was then that I revealed myself to him. He asked me how I was adjusting to life here and I joked with him about transportation being so much slower than my chariot. He perked up at that and told me he had a solution if I had means. A few drachmae later, I had my prototype and my pilot secured.

My airline assistant was closing the door when I turned around and found a seat in one of the high back chairs. I pulled my buckle over my lap while she poured me a drink. “Thank you, sweetie,” I said to the cute little redhead. Rosen had one of those little button noses that you just wanted to boop. She was one of a kind. When I told her who I was, she just looked at me and with an unchanged face and simply said, “I knew something was different about you. It makes sense now.” She is one of my most trusted mortals. Similarly to Hal, I found her in a low place. Not at the bar, but walking down the street. I had just left my office in London and saw her stumbling along the sidewalk. She was a simple one, not a crushed soul, just a sad one. She said I saved her life that night, but I wasn’t sure how.

Hal and Rosen had seen me in more situations than any other mortals combined, and were a part of an even smaller group that knew about Endy. Hal knew if we got a call about Endymion, we had to be there as soon as possible. Rosen had never missed a flight and had all my idiosyncrasies down to a science. I often wondered how I would have managed without them.

Anyways, I opened the briefcase that was in the chair beside me and pulled out my laptop. Off to London to check out some new talent, a singer named Blaze. I rolled my eyes; can they get any more original? Typically, I didn’t do the talent scouting. I had mortals for that, but Imogen told me I “had to come see him”, so here I go. I needed to check in at the office and perform my due diligence with my A-listers in the UK anyway. The one thing I hated about mortal flying is how slow it seems, but I always try to find the bright side of things. I opened the email Imogen sent me on Blaze. At the top of the email was his picture. His eyes stared back at me, and I saw through the hair and black covered lids. A great person was in there and that is who Imogen saw. I trained her to see as much. Real talent. Now, to unlock it.

I kept myself busy on the flight making phone calls, connecting with Imogen, and planning my itinerary. By the time I arrived, my week in the UK was mapped out. Imogen was waiting at the airport with my silver Mercedes when we landed. She greeted me with our typical double-cheeked kiss, then I tossed my briefcase into the back seat and climbed in. Imogen slid into the passenger seat and we took off.

It was a short drive from the airport to the office and before long, we pulled up to the front of my office building, then headed up to my personal office to get ready to meet this new singer. Imogen was chatting the entire time we got ready.

“Just wait until you see Blaze, Sel. He is super hot, an amazing singer, and did I mention hot?” She went on and on about his sound and looks before pausing as she leaned into the mirror to apply her lipstick, forcing her to stop moving her mouth for two seconds.

“Im, I saw his picture. You can cut the bullshit, I know what you see in him.”

She grinned sheepishly at me, then replied, “But he really is hot, too.”

Imogen was another insider. She was simply another mortal I hired to be a talent scout for me, but I saw the way she looked at the prospects. She looked for the person behind the facade. She wanted to unlock that person and let them really shine. That was where I came in. That was what I was good at and why I made her my lead in London.

Two hours later, we drove to the club. Pulling into the club parking lot, I found a spot and put the roof up before we got out. Once inside, we made our way through the crowd to the VIP section so we could get a good view of Blaze.

The cover band finished playing and Blaze entered the stage. His jet black hair shone in the lights, but not in that dirty, greasy way. He sauntered in, emitting enough confidence to get anyone’s attention. He smiled at Imogen and winked at me, then struck a chord on his guitar. Anger stirred in my midsection. I hated cocky arrogance and he seemed to think he was Eros.

The music began and my mood began to change. He was incredible. He and his bandmates were so in-sync, I couldn’t stay mad, or still, for that matter. The notes were on point and he sang from his soul. Most bands at this point are still playing cover songs, but theirs were like nothing I had heard before.  Imogen was in the mosh pit, jumping and slinging her head around to the music. I laughed out loud and smiled. Ok, maybe he wasn’t arrogant, just self-assured. I didn’t quite get that icky feeling from his aura I get when they were. Imogen was right: he was good, and Crescent Talent Agency was going to represent him.

After the concert, we took him back to the office to start the paperwork and makeover. “So, Selene,” he said, wagging his eyebrows at me. “How do I get to know you better?” he leaned forward and reached for me.

I grabbed his arm and twisted, flipping him onto the floor. Through clenched teeth, I replied, “Try that again with me or any of my employees, and you will regret it.” I released him and he stood back up and rubbed his arm. “And it’s ma’am. Do not address me in that manner again. Understood?” He nodded his head, fear in his eyes. “Still want to work with me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He sat up straight in his chair he had just returned to and looked straight ahead. “You are the best, and I want that.”

“Excellent. Do what I say and you will do great. I love your voice and your sound. Your attitude and looks, not so much.” He nodded and my makeover crew entered the room.

Hair, wardrobe, even nails…ugh. I couldn’t begin to tell you how gross these men were nowadays.

While they were working on Blaze (I will forever eye roll on that name), Legal and I were discussing which label suited him best and tweaking the contract to suit him. As the team finished with him, they began to clear out. When we were alone again, he stood up and quietly walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall. I watched him take his new look in and his entire countenance changed. He lit up, and I felt his energy and pride soar. This is why I do this.  He turned to look at me with tears in his eyes.

“I…I can’t believe it’s me. I mean, it’s how I envisioned myself, but…thank you.” He walked slowly towards me on the other side of the room.

“Have a seat and let’s discuss that name.” He chuckled wryly and sat on the couch down from me, afraid to come closer. “Come closer. I don’t bite, if you behave.” I giggled and he lightened up. He scooted down a little, but not too much. He rubbed his arm with the memory and I laughed. “So, where does the name Blaze come from?”

He dropped his hand from his arm and answered. “My pops always said I was gonna burn down the house in a blaze of glory. So it was sort of a tribute to him.”

Nodding, I replied, “I can appreciate the sentiment, but let’s find something not quite so cliche, ok?

“Ok, like what?”

“What else reminds you of your pops, if he is who you want to give nod to?”

“Um, wait, I got it.” He got up and rushed over to his guitar case. He knelt down, unzipped it and brought the guitar back to the couch. I watched as the arrogant man I met mere hours ago transformed into the star sitting before me. He played an original piece he wrote for his pops. His voice, soft yet firm, flowed in a way that would make Apollo smile. This was who Imogen saw. This was why I am here. “What’s your pops’ name, Blaze?”

“Phillip, Phillip Kendrick. In fact, I call that song Kendrick.”

I smiled. Blaze was gone and Kendrick was born.